Chalet l'Oreille d'Ours (#31)


What to bring to the cottage?

With this section, you can will find helpful information to get ready for your stay at our cottage. No need to stress, all the information you need is here!

• Food, cooking oils, spices, condiments • Specialized kitchen accessories as needed
• KEURIG coffee capsules or ground coffee • Firewood for fireplaces indoor / outdoor
• Clothes & Cosmetics • Paper towels
• Swimwear and flip-flops for SPA • Containers to bring back left overs
• Soaps et Shampoo • Dishwasher and washing machine liquid (if needed)
• Sports items • Your desire to have a great time  🙂


Phone: (450) 226-8633


Phone: (450) 226-5769


Phone: (450) 227-2827

Marché Vaillancourt

Phone: (450) 226-2215 


Phone: (450) 226-5222


Phone: (450) 226-7031

Rona Dagenais

Phone: (450) 227-2649

Sports Denis Parent

Phone: (450) 227-2700

Sports Experts

Phone: (450) 227-4617

Cookbooks available

We love to enjoy the chalet by preparing meals with friends in front of the magnificent landscape offered by the huge windows in front of the kitchen. We leave you with a selection of cookbooks to test your cooking skills!

100 Sauces pour les pâtes
10X10 – Dix chefs Québécois réinventent dix aliments qu’on aime
A la di Stasio
Amuse-Gueules en fête
Coffret les Verrines
COOK Jamie Oliver
Coffret les Verrines


Phone: (450) 226-2218

Are you craving for a good raclette or a real Swiss cheese fondue? In the heart of Morin-Heights is L’Héritage, a charming restaurant that offers great French specialties like sweetbreads and kidneys, cooked in front of you on a wood stove. Every Sunday of summer, a Méchoui is cooked and you can eat on the lovely terrace.

O'Petit Restaurant

Phone: (450) 226-6887

Are you feeling a little lazy and would like a breakfast like home? Direction O’Petit, a simple and tasty family-style restaurant, also offering dinner and supper. A well-kept secret to get warm with hot soup after skiing, it will remind you of grandma’s good food!

La Grange

Phone: (450) 226-5005

The chef Tony LaPalerma, Italian from Sicilian parents offers us authentic Italian cuisine in a beautiful decor of a chic and warm barn. A Straciatella starter, veal cutlets with lemon or a real spaghetti carbonara … Psst … The chef and his wife Chantal also have the excellent Bistro A Vino, in Saint-Sauveur.

Sushi Taxi

Phone: (450) 227-3346

And yes, even in the north, you can indulge in your Sushi passion. Always as pleasant to enjoy with friends and family and always healthy, to compensate for your cheese fondue of the day before.

Marché Vaillancourt Pizza

Phone: (450) 226-2215

You will be amazed by this small restaurant attached to the general store of the village that can prepare you fast food to your taste and why not choose a selection of unique beer in their incredible selections of beer. You will only be surprised by the selection.

Le Rouge Tomate

Phone: (450) 227-3883

And yes, you can bring a part of Italy at the cottage during your stay with fresh pasta and excellent homemade sauces! What better way to warm up after skiing or a long winter road. Beware of the restricted hours so it does not spoil your pleasure, call before.

Mickey's Café

Phone: (450) 644-0060

This small cafe located 10 minutes from the cottage is very warm and the cafes are delicious! Oh … and without forgetting the excellent chili! What a nice way to warm up after a day of skiing. Enjoy the superb outdoor terrace open year-round overlooking the Simon River 🙂

Brûlerie Des Monts

Phone: (450) 227-6157

Why not make a detour to Saint-Sauveur for lunch or dinner at Brûlerie des Monts? Hot or iced coffee, just as delicious, it’s one of the best “brûlerie” in Quebec! Waffles for lunch, good soups for dinner, a treat!

Le Saint-Sau Pub gourmand

Phone: (450) 227-0218

Are you looking for festive atmosphere Pub to go out with your friends? Le Saint-Sau is a great place to have a juicy burger, a poutine with decadent foie gras or a prosciutto emulsion tartar… Yummy!!!!! Welcoming owners, musical evenings on weekends, you will definitely have a great evening at Le Saint-Sau.

Orange & Pamplemousse

Phone: (450) 227-4330

A creative and healthy cuisine that adapts to the market products according to the seasons. Fresh courgette pineapple juice…, buckwheat pancakes, cheddar apples, spinach, pancetta and maple syrup…, pan-fried scallop meal salad with apple caramel, bacon crumble and walnuts… Breakfast, lunch, dinner…Go ahead!

Restaurant Maestro

Phone: (450) 227-2999

Very nice restaurant, very nice menu, a must to try on rue Principale in Saint-Sauveur. Fish lovers? Try the grilled salmon on cauliflower purée, virgin sauce and smoked paprika…or the roasted cod with chorizo sauce and kalamata olives. Maestro please:)

Traiteur Chez Bernard

Phone: (450) 240-0000

Between the restaurant and the preparation at the chalet, the caterer is a great option to celebrate with friends. Several options are available to you….all you have to do is dare and discover.

Le Breadshop

Phone: (450) 543-2724

The Breadshop offers exceptional products, delicious and made with love and care. The smell of hot bread in the morning will go to your brain and you will want to buy everything to garnish your brunch at the cottage. It’s worth the detour without a doubt!

Marché Place du Patrimoine

Phone: (450) 227-2632

From pasta, sausages and chocolate, you will find everything you need to prepare delicious meals during your stay with quality homemade products.

Cookbooks available (more)

Entre cuisine et bambini – Stefano Faita
Entre cuisine et quincaillerie -Stefano Faita
Grilled Cheese
JOE BEEF – Plus qu’un livre de recette
La cuisine et le goût des épices
Le fromage une passion
Le petit Larousse des Cocktails
Le tour du monde de la cuisine Grèce
Le tour du monde de la cuisine Thaïlande
Les Brunches

Popcorn recipe

Cafe Mountain

Tel: (450) 744-1535

After a walk on the main street, a little stop at Cafe Mountain will nicely end your day. The terrace is open all summer, the minestrone soup is delicious and they make the best Milkshake in town, yum;) In addition, free WIFI.

Alpine skiing and Snowboarding

Ski Morin-Heights
Phone : (450) 227-2020

There are several downhill ski resorts around the chalet to indulge your passion or simply try it for the first time. The list is available below and you can rent equipment or test snowboarding or telemark skiing at your convenience.

Cross-country skiing

Ski Viking Morin-Heights
Email: [email protected]

Morin-Heights is known as the cross-country skiing capital. Indeed, there are slopes everywhere, of all calibers, very well maintained and in magnificent landscapes. It is the ideal place for ski lovers or simply to enjoy winter with your family.

Snowshoe trails

Raquette Morin-Heights
Phone: (450) 226-3232

For snowshoeing in the mountains, off-piste or on groomed trails near streams, Morin-Heights offers a multitude of trails often annexed to cross-country ski resorts or on mountain bike trails. Prepare a lunch and hot chocolate in your bag and embark on a journey into the heart of winter.


Ski Raquette Estérel
Phone: (450) 822-8687

Ski-snowshoeing is a “challenging” discovery for those who have never tried it before. L’Estérel rents equipment and offers trails to enjoy this sport. However, it is better to call first to check, because it is still a little developed sport.

Fat bike

Centre de ski Gai-Luron
Phone: (450) 224-5302

You have your own Fat Bike or you would like to discover this sport, the Gai-Luron centre offers slopes of different levels and also rents equipment for the day. Dare and you will love it, but don’t assume it’s that easy!

Tube slides

Glissades des Pays d’en Haut
Phone: (450) 224-4014

Tube sliding is more or less a winter sport, but if you walk up next to the mats, you can undoubtedly say that not only is it thrilling, but it is also very sporty. Glissades des pays d’en haut also offers Bobsleigh rides worth a visit.


Golf Club Le Chantecler
Phone: (450) 476-1339

Obviously, as soon as the snow melts to the first snow, golf enthusiasts start to hit the greens and the Laurentians are teeming with magnificent golf courses that will delight all types of golfer.

Hiking trails

Whether for hiking, mountain biking or road cycling, Morin-Heights offers you hundreds and hundreds of kilometres of magnificent trails. You will be exhausted and will have an appetite for your dinners when you return to the chalet.


Kayak/Canoe/Pedal boat

Marina Lac Masson
Phone: (450) 228-3383

Want to relax at the lake and enjoy water sports? Walk 10 minutes to Fiddler Lake where you can swim at the dock or on the beach nearby. However, for a larger navigable lake with motorized boats, Lac-Masson is recommended. You can also rent boats of your choice.

Acro-Nature Morin-Heights

Phone: (450) 227-2020

From tree to tree, you will experience adventures that are as much fun as they are “challenging” with courses for the youngest and for the most daring.


Phone: (819) 324-2002

You can go beyond your limits in this park, which includes some of the longest and highest zip lines in CANADA. This park can appeal to both young and old. Get ready for goose bumps!

Water Park Saint-Sauveur

Phone: (450) 227-4671

The water park at the summit Saint-sauveur is endowed with several slides that will make you live thrills! You will even have the opportunity to book a cabana for more privacy.

Via Ferrata Mont-Tremblant

Phone: (819) 681-4848

Rock climbing courses ranging from 500m (beginners) up to 1000m (advanced). Admire the beautiful landscapes of the Laurentians during your journey, but a little advice, do not look down!

Alpine coaster - Le Viking

Phone: (450) 227-4671

You will control your car on this track and can reach a maximum speed of 35 km/h. Enough to mess up hair of the most daring!

Rock climbing - Val-David Park

Phone: (819) 322-6999

In all seasons, climbing enthusiasts can enjoy the rocky walls of Val-David or the boulders for the more experienced. There are also 2 schools for those who would like to learn.


First combo - Italian style

Recipe: Tagliatelles bolognaise 
Wine: Pinot Noir
Music: Marco Calliari

Not to be confused with Quebec spaghetti sauce, Bolognese is an Italian classic that makes you addicted so much it’s good. With a good glass of Pinot Noir and Marco Calliari in music, joy at the power of a thousand guaranteed!

2nd Combo - A little bit Hawaiian

Recipe: Poke Bowl
Wine: Terras Gauda O Rosal 2016
Music: Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

The poke bowl is like a deconstructed sushi, just as good but much less time consuming to make:) With a good white wine and Hawaiian ukulele, perfect zenitude for a chalet dinner!

3rd combo - Suisse style

Recipe: Fondue Suisse
Wine: Arbois, Vin jaune
Music: Pierre Lapointe

This is “THE” dream chalet meal….as long as you put on the good Swiss cheeses and don’t forget the kirsch! With a glass of Arbois or Côtes du Jura and Pierre Lapointe alone at the piano…a moment of grace.

Carrefour Nord Saint-Jérôme

Carrefour Nord Saint-Jérôme
Phone : (450) 436-5944


Cinéma Pine Sainte-Adèle

Cinéma Pine Sainte-Adèle
Phone: (450) 229-7463

Théâtre Saint-Sauveur

Théâtre Saint-Sauveur
Phone: (450) 227-8466

Popcorn recipe

Spa Ofuro

Phone: (450) 226-2442

An invigorating experience to meet nature in a magnificent oriental atmosphere that will relax the most stressed and hyperactive people in this world…. Ice bath in the river, Japanese Shiatsu massage available, reflexology and Zen Yoga on Wednesdays.

Amerispa, Morin-Heights

Phone: (450) 226-7722

One of the best spas in the Laurentians, with a range of body treatments and very interesting massages such as the Ice Cider Elixir Wrap and the Aromatic Oil Massage customized to your needs. Mention to Bernard catering for the quality of the bistro … finally a spa where we can feast!

Spas in the area

Did you have a tough week at work? Your children don’t give you time to breathe? To relax, why not go to the spa, get a massage? I’m telling you, it’ll do you a lot of good!

Factories Saint-Sauveur

Phone: (450) 240-0880

Near the chalet, you will find interesting discounts by browsing the many shops of the factory outlet with all known brands that will make you and your budget happy.


Main Street Shops

What could be better than to walk the charming streets of Saint-Sauveur and visit the many shops, each one prettier than the next. You can also take poses on the terraces and cafés as you shop.

Tremblant - Boutiques

Phone: (819) 681-2000

The village of Mont-Tremblant is already well known, but we never get tired of discovering it with its magnificent landscape, its unique character and quality boutiques and the activities that can be done between two boutiques.

Vie de chalet

Phone: (450) 744-0404

What could be better than shopping for cottage decorating items in Saint-Sauveur to bring a little touch of cottage atmosphere to your home. You will find unique and magnificent discoveries. Several pieces of furniture from our chalet #31 comes from there!

La petite cachottière

Phone: (450) 744-0226

This boutique, opened in 1994, offers an impressive choice of chic, romantic and vintage Shabby style decorations. The place is full of craft treasures, restored furniture and unique decorative objects. It’s beautiful, it smells good and it feels good:)

Bonbons Et Cie

Phone: (514) 779-2805

Sweet lovers will enjoy a visit at Bonbons Et Cie. You will find a very large inventory of candies of all kinds…. something to please young and old alike!

F.U.N. PARK Saint-Sauveur

Phone: (450) 227-4671

Enter the enchanting world of the amusement park, Parc F.U.N. Saint-Sauveur!

Be prepared to experience emotions and forge new memories with both feet on the ground or in the air.

Acronature - Zoomer path

Phone: (450) 227-2020

Live an unforgettable adventure from the top of the trees… Located a few steps from the Morin Heights Summit ski resort and the campgrounds, this tree-to-tree adventure will make you live an unforgettable experience in the heart of the Laurentian forest.

Village du Père Noël

Phone: (819) 322-2146

Your children will have the opportunity to laugh and have fun in a host of water games, to overcome their limits and take up challenges, to have fun with real animals, to unravel the magicians’ greatest secrets and above all, to see the real Santa Claus!

Aux Pays Des Merveilles

Phone: (450) 229-3141

Au Pays des Merveilles amusement park is the perfect place for incredible family activities. Children 2 to 8 years old, accompanied by their parents or grandparents, will be thrilled by the various activities offered by our attraction park, unique in Quebec.

Mont-Tremblant activities

Phone: (819) 681-2000

On a life-size playground, Tremblant offers a wide range of activities for all tastes and the whole family.

Their mission is to offer you an unforgettable “typically Quebecois” vacation experience that exceeds your expectations.

Univers Toutou

Phone: (819) 681-4881

At Univers Toutou, you will have a unique experience of “giving birth” to a stuffed animal. By means of a simple”padding” system, customers fill the chosen plush animal with a selection of more than twenty different models.

Play books and comic books

Children often have the annoying habit of getting up early at the cottage to enjoy the day……..while adults like to sleep in the cottage atmosphere…… is recommended to offer bedtime reading for children to give more quiet time to adults.

Astérix – La galère d’obélix
Astérix – Obélix et Cir
Colin Colas – L’ile aux trésors
Colin Colas – Le monstre de Drumnadrochit
Colin Colas – Les Montagnard sont là !
Fraude Électrique – Les aventures de Ray Gliss
Garfield – Fait boule de neige
Garfield Poids Lourd 2
Gaston Lagaffe – Des gaffes et des dégats
L’enfance d’Iznogood – LA 15
e aventure du Grand Vizir Iznogoud
La jungle en Folie – La belle au bois Ronflant
Le Scrameustache – 1 – l’héritage de l’inca
Le Scrameustache – 4 – le totem de l’espace
Le Scrameustache – 9 – le dilemme de Khéna
Les petits hommes 20 Rapt en sous-sol
Lucky Luke – la belle province
Michel Vaillant KO pour Steve Warson
Rantanplan – Le chameau
Rantanplan – Le noel de rantanplan
Agitateur  de neurones (Livre jeux)
Grimoir du père Fouras (Livre jeux)
Jeu de l’intelligence (Livre jeux)
Les jeux visuels (Livre jeux)

Jeux pour enfants ou en famille

Pour les journées de mauvais temps, les journées relax ou les soirées en familles, profitez des jeux en familles ou regarder vos enfants s’amusez pendant que vous vous relaxer sur une musique de fonds en prenant un café ou un verre de vin selon l’heure de la journée.

1000 Bornes
7 jeux en un (Échec, Dames, Bacgammon…..)
Casse-tête Géant -Pirates
Smart Car
Bahuts Malins
Castle Logix
Camelot Jr
Jeu de constuction avec parcours de billes
Jenga Boom
Hockey – Les BOYS
Bla Bla Bla
Cap’n TOCK
Le jeu de trio Toy Story 3
Operations Shrek
Puzzle 200 XXL
Puzzle Super 200
RoundAbout Puzzle
Salut les pingouins
Singeries Mont-a-Mots